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“Bartender, I’ll Have An Espresso Martini, please”

The Espresso Martini has become one of the 10 most ordered cocktails in American bars. So, what are the magic components that make up a perfect Espresso Martini? We asked a few local bartenders who were happy to reveal.

Smooth, potent, and delicious, the Espresso Martini has become one of the 10 most ordered cocktails in American bars according to a 2022 Nielson survey. In fact, this potent mixed drink even comes with its own urban legend. Supposedly, the dark and delicious martini was invented by a London bartender in 1983 when a fashion model asked for a drink that would “wake me up and f--k me up” all in the same glass. Whether or not that request actually happened, this vodka and espresso coffee drink truly has been shaking up the bar scene from coast to coast.

So, what are the magic components that make up a perfect Espresso Martini? Depending on who is making your drink, ingredients may include vodka, espresso, coffee liqueur, sugar syrup, and coffee beans as a garnish.

Locally, any bartender will be more than happy to pour you this coffee concoction at many area establishments. Are you thirsty yet? If so, find a comfy seat at the bar or at your dinner table and say, “Bartender, I’d like an Espresso Martini, please.”

Amber pours an Espresso Martini at Tomatoes of Margate.


For the “perfect cocktail,” Fran Northridge of Ventnor, New Jersey explains why an Espresso Martini at Tomatoes in Margate is her go-to place. “When you walk in and see people drinking those martinis at the bar, you can’t resist thinking I must have one. #cocktailenvy. They are perfect because you get a little caffeine, a little buzz, and just the right amount of flavor. “

Northridge is not alone in her love of the ever-popular local Espresso Martini. Absecon, New Jersey resident, Sue Voci, looks forward to savoring her favorite after-dinner cocktail. Whether dining at Knife & Fork or Dock’s Oyster House in Atlantic City, Voci cannot get Espresso Martinis off her mind. “l always enjoy my meal, but I cannot wait to taste an Espresso Martini after my dinner. It’s smooth and delicious — like dessert in a martini glass that’s for adults only!”

From a bartender’s perspective, the Espresso Martini is in high demand. Kristina Rich, bartender at Nucky’s Speakeasy in Ventnor, New Jersey, sees the Espresso Martini as one of the most popular mixed drinks she pours. Rich elaborates, “As a bartender these days, I see the Espresso Martini as one of the biggest fads. The drink has a kick of caffeine and a great taste — I get a lot of requests for this one.”

48 Blocks Espresso Martini; pour, shake over ice, strain into a cocktail glass, garnish.

DIY Beverage Bliss

Another way to enjoy an Espresso Martini (day and night) is to make your own. To do so, you need proper and quality ingredients. Mark Ganter, CEO at Little Water Distillery in Atlantic City, proudly offers 48 Blocks Espresso Martini — a perfect Espresso Martini in basically one step. Once you purchase a bottle, all you need to do is pour, shake over ice, strain into a cocktail glass, garnish with three coffee beans, and the best part — enjoy every sip.

What makes 48 Blocks Espresso Martini award-winning? Ganter explains, “We spent about 6 months in research and development on the ingredients, flavor profile, and final recipe with countless focus groups and staff involvement.

Unlike making your own or ordering one out, the proportions in the recipe are exact every time, and the taste and finish are consistent with every pour.”

And speaking of ingredients, 48 Blocks Espresso Martini uses La Colombe — a premium international coffee roaster based in Philadelphia — to supply the cold-pressed Brazilian Espresso base in their product. Then, they create a coffee liqueur using their own Liberty Rum, a house-made simple syrup, artisan coffee, and a hand-crafted vanilla extract from the Classic Dessert company to add to the mix.

The end result using these carefully selected ingredients, according to Ganter, is a “velvety smooth, intensely flavorful, and balanced martini with the perfect crema as the top layer. The only thing left to do is add a lemon twist on top or float three coffee beans for good luck.”

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