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Welkom To Amsterdam

As the capital and most populated city in the Netherlands, Amsterdam shines as one of Europe’s most visited gems. It is a fabulous city that is quaint, photogenic, and welcoming.


As the capital and most populated city in the Netherlands, Amsterdam shines as one of Europe’s most visited gems. It is a fabulous city that is quaint, photogenic, and welcoming. So warm that you will hear the Dutch phrase, Welkom in ons huis (welcome to our home) wherever you find yourself around the city. 

It doesn’t take long to figure out that Amsterdam is easy and manageable. You can leisurely stroll around for hours, with pit stops at cafes where you can enjoy crunchy caramel Stroopwafels and a coffee. A MUST DO while in Amsterdam — take a boat on a maze of winding canals. Other must-see sights offer something for everyone. For example, history buffs are compelled to visit the house memorializing the tragic story of Anne Frank. 

If you are an art lover, Amsterdam offers fabulous museums ranging from Van Gogh to Rembrandt. With a short excursion out of town, you will encounter fields and fields of tulips bursting with color as well as iconic windmills galore. 

On and Around the Canals

With over 60 miles of navigable canals, Amsterdam is known as the “Venice of the North.” 

Cruising through the city waters gives you a picturesque perspective of the many gabled, narrow houses (some still standing from the 1700s) that give Amsterdam its unique look and feel. As an extra treat, some boat tours may include signature Dutch specialties like Gouda cheese and a cold glass of Amstel beer.

Another fabulous way to get a feel for the city is by bike. After all, Amsterdam is considered one of the most bike-friendly cities in Europe with an abundance of paths, bike rentals, and racks wherever you go. In fact, statistics show that there are four times more bicycles than cars in Amsterdam. Although you can easily find a bike and pedal on your own, there are plenty of guided tours you can sign up for that highlight the city’s rich history.

A recent fan of Amsterdam’s charm, JC Byrnes, fell instantly in love with the city when visiting last year. Byrnes explains, “Amsterdam is a beautiful, clean city with a lot of charm where residents ride their bicycles everywhere. The people are so friendly, and that makes it a lovely city to visit again and again.”

When the sun goes down, Amsterdam’s nightlife is always hopping with its world-famous nightclubs. Another nighttime excursion for tourists is taking a walk on the wild side to De Wallen. The neighborhood, filled with hundreds of one-room glass cabins, is rented by legal prostitutes who advertise their wares behind a window lit up by red lights. Thus, the name “Red Light District.” Word for the wise — don’t let the women see you taking pictures of them – they will not be happy with you! Another legal vice in Amsterdam is the sale and use of marijuana — openly sold in many a coffee shop.

Anne Frank Statue in Amsterdam

 Museum Musts

Amsterdam is quite proud of their native son — Vincent Van Gogh. As a result, the museum houses over 200 of his iconic paintings of sunflowers and landscapes. 

The museum also introduces you to his personal story — his art and his tragic life. Because the Van Gogh Museum draws thousands of tourists each day, it is best to plan your visit and get tickets in advance. Another option, to bypass the long lines, is to sign up for a guided tour of the museum. In addition, the museum offers other works by modern painters including Gauguin and Monet. 

Without a doubt, Amsterdam’s most touching museum is the Anne Frank Huis. With well over a million visitors each year, the house where Anne and her family hid during WWII until they were deported by the Nazis, and ultimately sent to their deaths, is now a museum. The young girl’s heartbreaking story was captured in her famous diary — a story memorialized in books and movies to this day. To visit the museum, you must purchase a timed ticket in advance.

 A Day Out of Town

Located only 12 miles outside of Amsterdam, the fabulous village of Zaanse Schans is made up of Dutch windmills and old wooden buildings. Another quaint town, Edam (as in the cheese), is stereotypically charming as well with windmills and a historic cheese market. While on your countryside excursion, don’t forget to check out a wooden clog factory — a fun souvenir of Holland to bring back home!

As for tulips, day trips to see the fabulous flowers are a seasonal option — usually from March to May. During that time, there are many tour groups available to take you out of Amsterdam proper to see the colorful acres of blooms. For example, the 79 acres that make up Keukenhof, one of Holland’s most famous flower exhibitions, includes a boat trip through the 7 million flower bulbs planted around the park.