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Hot Tub Time Machine

Winter is the perfect time to add a hot tub to your routine while reaping some amazing health benefits. We uncover the three main things to consider before you purchase.

Baby, it's getting cold outside--but that's no reason to come in! Do you know what goes perfectly with cold air? A hot tub! So, don't fear the winter, soak it in and maybe even improve your health in the process.

Now, is the perfect time to add a hot tub to your winter routine and reap some amazing health benefits. Recent research at Coventry University has demonstrated soaking in a hot tub may have the same benefits as exercise, including cardiovascular health and calorie burning ( Hot tubs also relax muscles and melt away stress.

If you're considering purchasing a hot tub to steep away those cold winter blues, there are a few things you want to consider. In particular, you'll want to consider three main things before you buy: desired features, budget, and maintenance.


When it comes to choosing a hot tub the number of features to consider can be overwhelming. From the number of seats to water jet placement to wireless televisions, music systems, and apps; there's a lot to consider when you're purchasing your hot tub. To keep this process manageable, you'll want to start with the basics. First, figure out the number of seats you want in your hot tub. Will this hot tub be enjoyed by just the two of you, or are you planning a few hot tub parties for the neighborhood? In general, sizes range from small tubs that can accommodate 2-4 up to very large tubs that can accommodate 7 or more.

Next, think about seat design and, most importantly, jet placement. Would you like to sit and socialize or recline and relax? While a lounge seat allows you to lay back, relax, and have a jet massage almost every muscle from your neck down to your calves; they take up a lot of space in the tub. If you'd prefer to have more people in your tub, the better option is open seating with targeted jets that hit your back and legs. Once you decide on your seating arrangement, what muscles do you want the jets to hit? Even more specifically, what type of jets do you want? You can find powerful, targeted jets that deliver firm pressure to tension areas. Or gentle shower jets to softly relax your muscles. There are also kneading oscillator jets that provide a therapeutic massage to desired muscles. Or rotating single pulse and double pulse jets that provide a firm rhythmic, pulsed massage.

You should also consider the material construction of your hot tub. For example, most hot tub shells are either constructed out of acrylic or vinyl. Acrylic is more expensive, but they're sought for their durability. Whereas, vinyl shells are more affordable, but lack the longevity of their acrylic counterpart.

After the fundamentals are decided, you can look at some more fun accessories to enhance your soak. Do you want to watch TV in your hot tub or listen to music? Do you want a LED light system with customizable colors? What about an app to control your hot tub? Or an automatic cover lift?


Once you've designed your dream hot tub, you have to consider your budget. Entry-level hot tubs start at around $3,000. At the other end of the spectrum, luxury hot tubs can sell for as much as $35,000. In general, the bigger the hot tub the more expensive it is. The other factors that contribute to the price are quality, design, and features. Which are all pretty straightforward, the more features and higher quality, the more expensive.

However, lesser-known factors can also contribute to the price. Hot tub dealers are independent contractors and all set their own prices. The manufacturers usually make arrangements with dealers and allow them to set the price. So, shop around for the best price. The other option is to purchase your hot tub from a big boa x retailer. Their prices are set towards the lowest available prices. However, keep in mind that while the prices seem lower, they lack the expertise and the follow-up maintenance you will find in specialized stores. Installing and properly maintaining a hot tub can be complicated.


The single most important aspect of owning a hot tub is maintenance. Each year, improperly maintained hot tubs are responsible for a number of diseases including hot tub lung, hot tub rash, legionella disease, and urinary tract infections. When not maintained well, hot tubs create the perfect breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria and viruses to grow. Additionally, the high temperature of the water can cause certain disinfectants to break down faster. Luckily, there are several advanced filtration systems that make maintaining your hot tub a breeze.

Ozone systems use oxidation to purify the spa water so you don't have to use as many chemicals to keep your hot tub clean. This system uses ozone gas to sanitize the water, then breaks down the residual when it's finished. You can also purchase self-regulating systems which slowly distribute chlorine, or other chemicals, into your water so it is kept sanitary.