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Accessories: The Unsung Heroes Every Outfit Needs

New Jersey Lifestyle Magazine spoke with Talk of the Walk in Stone Harbor and Atlantic City, and Robert’s Fine Jewelers in Northfield about elevating your style with trends in accessories.

Faux suede gloves with pom poms (Talk of the Walk)

When we think about fashion, it’s almost inevitable to imagine a catwalk full of gangly models ensconced in haute couture. From there, (most of us) come back to reality, and instead — pretty logically — start thinking of apparel. From pencil skirts and wide-legged trousers to cashmere sweaters and the basic black dress, our choices in apparel do more than clothe us — ideally, they represent us. Whether we’re at our best, wearing the clothing that makes us feel confident and powerful, or we’re feeling slouchy, in an outfit best reserved for hanging at home, clothing has the unique power to reflect our inner personalities to the world at large.

What we choose to wear, whether we like it or not, speaks volumes.

And that goes for how we accessorize as well.

Besides tying an outfit together or extending the life of the outfit with different options, accessories are like the icing on the cake — often eye-catching and just as delicious. From the sumptuous wrap or beaded handbag to the simple gold hoops or avant-garde necklace, accessories often make an outfit, offering a unique and personal spin to any ensemble. And whether you prefer the understated elegance of a simple piece of fine jewelry, or the striking appeal of a bold wrap, accessories are always a statement.

New Jersey Lifestyle Magazine spoke with Talk of the Walk in Stone Harbor and Atlantic City, and Robert’s Fine Jewelers in Northfield about elevating your style with trends in accessories.

Cold Weather Accessorizing

While accessorizing can happen in any season, winters in South Jersey provide us with endless opportunities for cold-weather accessorizing. At Talk of the Walk, where unique and striking outerwear is a specialty, there are loads of ways to keep warm without looking frumpy.

“Ponchos, wraps, scarves, and shawls are all big right now,” says Rose McCarthy of Talk of the Walk. “One of the big things we’re seeing are openings for the arms, which are giving them a bit more structure and helping them stay put.”

Besides the structural aspect, these outerwear accessories vary in everything from fabric and color to length and style. While the Equestrian Chain Print Fox Pom Pom Shawl features different textures and a bold design, the Plush Faux Poncho is classic black with a zipper to keep things from unnecessarily shifting.

Of course, there are other cold-weather fashion considerations to make as well — gloves and hats are par for the course in South Jersey.

“For hats, we’re seeing knit caps with sequins and jewel details, as well as elements like faux and real-fur pom poms,” says McCarthy. “We only carry one or two of a kind, so they are really unique.”

As for gloves, think fingerless! While not as warm as their digit-covering counterparts, they’re stylish and phone-functional — perfect for snapping selfies in the snow! Gloves have more than fingerless details, however — some are trimmed with faux and/or real fur, adding a little fun to a much-needed winter accessory.

Handbags, Jewelry, and More

While wraps, gloves, and hats are accessories that often crossover to necessities, handbags and jewelry are almost always fun and optional.  

“We specialize in Mary Frances so we have quite a few choices,” says McCarthy of the famous beaded bags and change purses. “There’s one for every personality.”

With everything from lipstick and guitar-shaped beaded bags to sports purses, the Mary Frances and additional beaded bags at Talk of the Walk are as varied as the people who buy them. But they’re hardly the only option.

“We’re seeing a lot of textures, from fur handbags that double as mufflers to handbags with geometric metal shapes that are lightweight, eye-catching, and easy to carry, handbags are a statement,” says McCarthy.

They’re not alone. Jewelry, the mother of all accessories, is just as beloved as ever. From the bold wearable art of Jeff Lieb (carried at Talk of the Walk) to the classic appeal of diamonds, jewelry remains the most popular accessory of all.

“Diamond stud earrings are very, very popular,” says Bob Rovinsky of Robert’s Fine Jewelers. “There’s a particularly strong appeal for them right now.”

Likewise, simple diamond bracelets — in all carats and both yellow and white gold— are as trendy now as when Chris Evert lost hers during the US Open Tennis Championships in 1987, as are their necklace counterpoints, often called straight line necklaces. As a girl’s best friend, diamonds don’t ever go out of style.

Whether it’s an eye-catching handbag, a signature piece of estate jewelry, a stunning and elegant wrap, or a dazzling winter hat, accessories are the nearly-magical items that transition a mere wardrobe to a personal representation of style and taste.

For these great styles and many more, visit Talk of the Walk and Roberts Fine Jewelers online today.