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New Year, New You?

Welcome to Wine Foundations – a six-week sensory experience, offered exclusively by Passion Vines.

2024 has arrived. Have you? Lol - don’t worry, you have time.

First, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for allowing me the opportunity to connect with you here on this column, in-store (Somers Point or EHT), and or throughout the community. Your connection means the world to me and our Team at Passion Vines. Simply put, it’s why we exist.

If you’re like me, perhaps you have a bit of fatigue from the Holiday. But now is precisely the time of year when we begin to reflect on the year we had (2023) – and more importantly, the year (2024) we wish to create. The beginning of the year represents opportunity, and I’m not speaking of “resolutions.” Statistically speaking, they don’t work! I’m speaking of the deep-seated change we wish to see in ourselves. The kind that makes you say, “damn, I’m proud of myself for doing (and becoming!) this!” 

“This” can be a lot of things, but for the purposes of this column, I want to share a unique and limited opportunity to raise your WINE IQ!

What if I told you that we have developed a program that will guarantee to raise your Wine IQ to a level respected and praised by all wine professionals? But more importantly, that will instill in you a level of confidence to unlock and explore the world of wine, unlike you’ve ever tasted. 

For those who know me and our team well, you know we have an insatiable desire to keep learning, growing, and doing. This is one of our core values, and subsequently, why Passion Vines has produced well over one thousand tastings/events/classes since 2004. We’re not happy unless we’re growing. And more specifically, if you’re growing!

Are you passionate about wine, but wish you had a little more confidence? Do you feel intimidated standing in a wine store, or holding a wine list? Perhaps you’re a server or bartender, looking to offer more value to your customers?

Welcome to Wine Foundations – a six-week sensory experience, offered exclusively by Passion Vines. This class is offered once per year and meets weekly on Tuesdays, starting January 16. You can check out details at Secure your spot for this enriching six-week program. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just beginning your wine journey, Wine Foundations promises an experience that will deepen your appreciation of the world of wine.

As we progress through 2024, please let me know how I may be able to help you on your (wine) journey. For those just tuning in, please feel free to connect with me via email, and I will use this column to answer your questions.

Happy New Year – let’s get it!

Michael |

Hurry spots are limited, sign up for Wine Foundations below.

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