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The Winter 2023 Issue

A new year and a new beginning for New Jersey Lifestyle. Please join us as embark on a digital journey into the future. @NJLifestyleMag

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As we ring in the New Year, let us embrace it with enthusiasm and optimism! A wise person once said that having something to “look forward to” is essential for a fulfilling life. Let’s make sure our 2023 includes exciting goals and ambitions that enhance our lives — from taking vacations or acquiring a coveted wardrobe item, those small moments add up into big progress on our own personal adventure. Here at Lifestyle, we’re excited to begin a new chapter! Our cutting-edge digital publishing platform and website are the perfect way for us to move into the future with confidence — and style. Our printed edition is here to stay, but now we have something even better. Every month brings new digital content full of amazing features that make our area so special — it’s a wonderful way for everyone to explore and appreciate the best of where they live! Driving into the future with Electric Vehicles has never been more exciting! With so many choices and factors to consider when choosing your next car, this month’s On Wheels column is here to help guide you along. So, buckle up as we explore a new era full of possibilities for EVs! Health writer Robin Stoloff talks with Dr. Kelly Kane about everyday skin care that can make a big difference in both your appearance and your overall health. What would Lifestyle be without lots of social interaction? From a new police chief in Atlantic City to the numerous holiday celebrations, we try to capture it all. And why not relax at sea? Our creative director Darla Scarduzzio recently explored the MSC Meraviglia, one of the worlds largest privately owned cruise lines and all they have to offer for that yacht lover in all of us. With the holiday season behind us, it’s time to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle. To get things off on the right foot, we decided to treat ourselves with some of our favorite sushi from the most renowned eateries around! Let’s celebrate getting back into shape by indulging in flavorful goodness and delicious treats! All of this and so much more awaits you in the pages of the magazine, including Michael Cagno’s feature on some fascinating art made from ceramics as well as some great advise from wine expert Michael Bray and sound financial advise from Matt and Tom Reynolds on how bonds play out in this economy. And finally, we are so excited to announce our new digital version of New Jersey Lifestyle Magazine. We have worked on a platform that will render best for you to read and enjoy as well as getting our content up to share for everyone. Please visit our new site and sign on and let us know how you like it. There’s no cost to you and we would love to connect with you and share with you what makes New Jersey such a special place.

Happy New Year

Nick Valinote, Publisher