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Our Winter 2024 Issue

Winter is time for reflection and a opportunity to plan for the new year.

Machu Picchu - An Architectural Wonder

Embrace the winter season with a fresh perspective! Instead of viewing it as a time for hibernation, let’s see it as an opportunity for personal growth and positive change. In this edition, we focus on turning winter into a time of productivity and reflection.

Explore our special feature on cooking for longevity, where Robin Stoloff shares a recipe that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also promotes a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, join us on a culinary adventure as we take a food tour of Hammonton, a town renowned for its diverse and delicious eats in “A Taste of Hammonton.”

Winter is the perfect time for home improvements, and we’re here to inspire you! Discover the transformative power of wallpaper as writer Danielle Gomes unveils how experts use patterns and textures to turn ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces. Get ready to create your own amazing sanctuary!

Delve into the local success story of surfing legend Mark Nuestadter, recently inducted into the surfing hall of fame. Learn about his contributions to the book “I Heard There Were No Waves in New Jersey” by Danny Dimauro and Johan Kugelberg in our online feature.

Take a virtual journey to the wonders of Machu Picchu,Peru, with our guide Molly Golubcow. Explore the breathtaking beauty and rich history of this ancient culture from the comfort of your home.

Discover how AtlantiCare, a local medical institution, uses the power of art to heal. In a conversation with Cheryl Broschard, Manager of Foundation Operations at AtlantiCare, Michael Cagno explores the Healing Arts Program’s impact on creating a soothing healthcare environment through the beauty of art.

We pay tribute to our dear friend and supporter, Michael Esposito, celebrating his life and legacy. Visit our digital platform at to read the heartfelt poem written by his daughter, Louisa Esposito.

As we step into the New Year, I extend warm wishes for health and happiness to everyone. Stay connected with us as we continue drawing inspiration!

Nick Valinote